Sell Your Home, Condo, Townhouse, Commercial Property or Land in Las Vegas...

Selling any property can be a challenge. Ensuring that you sell for the highest price in the shortest time possible requires experienced marketers and ethical agents. Change Real Estate leverages years of experience selling millions of dollars of real estate in Las Vegas and can help you achieve your goals.

The Sales Process

Once again, we feel that most real estate agents fall flat when it comes to actively marketing and selling your home. More often than not, an agent is happy to snap a few low quality pictures with his or her phone, setup a listing on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), and sit back and wait for offers. Very often we see the same properties come on and off the market as sellers realize how little most real estate agents do to market their homes. Change Real Estate will never follow the "typical" script. We will always work with professional protographers and actively market your home via social media, traditional media, and our network of buyers and investors. We ensure your home is presented professionally and we work with top local photographers, drone video companies, stagers, and home repairmen to ensure your property is presented in the best light.

Cost of Our Sales Services

All of our pricing is always fully negotiable. At Change Real Estate, we feel that transparency is key. You may see ads for people who "List your house for 1%" or "List your house for $999"; but do you know exactly what that means and exactly what you get for that? In most cases, you get about 2 hours worth of work for those fees: 1 hour taking pictures with an agent's mobile phone (including the drive to and from your house) and 1 hour putting together the listing for the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). They neglect to tell you that they also recommend that you offer 3% to the buying agent (the person who actually brings in the buyer). Suddenly the "do nothing" option is really costing you 4%...

As a small, independent boutique real estate agency, Change Real Estate offers our services with a "name your price" structure to prospective buyer and seller clients. We acknowledge that it's not always practical for home sellers to offer the commissions which many large, national and international real estate agencies have come to expect. In fact, for our home sellers, we are perfectly willing to list $0.00 as the cooperative commission for buyer's agents and allow buyer's agents to seek their compensation directly from their buyers.

We offer our services to you at a price that works for your situation — never with a set fee and required cooperative commissions. We work with sellers to craft a marketing strategy to sell their home at the maximum value in the timeframes required. We use our in-house-developed TransactionMinder™ software to provide maximum visibility of all the tasks involved in selling a home to ensure all of our clients are well informed and protected throughout the process.

No matter how much you choose to pay us and how much you have us offer to cooperating brokers, you always get a full service, hands-on sales and marketing effort from us.