Buy Real Estate in Las Vegas...

Buying and selling property in Las Vegas should be easy... and is when you work with the right agent.

Buying A Home

Most real estate agents start the buying process by narrowing in on price, number of bedrooms and general location and then they send you a generic list of all properties that fit within those general parameters. Our advisors work with you to understand, in-depth, your real needs, wants, and goals. Looking for a big back yard? Need to be close to the best schools? Want to be able to get to Lake Mead on the weekends? We want to know it all! The most important part of the process for our advisors is to filter down that initial list of properties to a list that really matches your needs. Ask our advisors for their help with your next home search!

Using an agent from Change Real Estate to help you purchase property will ensure you have an experienced guide to help you navigate the buying process. In addition to helping you find and negotiate the best deal on your purchase, we help you with the escrow, title, loan and inspection process to ensure you are protected at each step. Being a buyer's agent involves so much more than just showing homes and filling out contract forms. We leverage our custom built TransactionMinder™ system to keep track of the 20+ important deadlines and tasks throughout the purchase process. As for the cost of our services, the amount we ask is always negotiable and is often covered by the cooperative commission that a seller may decide to offer. Regardless, we will work with you, your lender and your budget to ensure you are both protected and can afford the property you wish to purchase.

Investment Properties

Once again, it is not enough to know how much you want to spend when it comes to an investment property. Our agents will get to know what you are looking for at a number of levels. Want to invest $300,000 in a rental property? Maybe you should consider splitting your investment across two properties rather than one. Looking to invest in a property that you can live in when you retire? That will lead us to focus on understanding you and your lifestyle even more so we can match you to a home that you will want to live in when the time comes.

Commercial Properties

Excited about opening up a new location for your business? Tell us about your target demographic and we will narrow down your search to the right places to ensure your business takes root and grows beyond your expectations. Like all types of real estate, commercial real estate is all about "location, location, location". That said, it is possible to get the "right" location for your business without overpaying! Ask our advisors to profile your business and find your next location!