Property Management Solutions

At Change Real Estate, our Property Management team manages more than 50 rental properties. From single family homes to 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments, to AirBnB condo-hotels, we manage all kinds of properties and leverage state-of-the-art technology to handle service calls and approvals as well as handle rent payments online via ACH transactions. All tenants are thoroughly vetted including backgroud checks, credit checks, eviction history and criminal history checks. We provide the information and collaborate with you to place tenants you are happy with! Our team works hard to keep costs down, vacancies to a minimum, and your tenants happy. Because we leverage technology, we can offer the best service in the Las Vegas Valley. Get started today by emailing with any questions you may have. You may also call our property management team at +1-702-848-2971 and arrange a time to meet at your property to setup the property management services you need.

No Nonsense Pricing

We don't charge many of the "junk" fees other property managers charge. One simple monthly fee and one placement fee for finding new renters. That's it!

  1. Rental Placement: One flat fee.*
  2. Monthly: 10% of gross monthly rent.*
  3. Cost per month when empty: $0
  4. Setup Fee: $0
  5. Lease Renewals: $0
  6. Advertising: $0
  7. Extraordinary Services: $150 (eviction processing, attendance at eviction hearings, court proceedings, HOA meetings, HOA compliance hearings if necessary).
  8. Reserves: $250/property (used for emergency repairs and returned to owner after PM contract expires).
  9. Special Charges (late fees, etc.) -- all payable to owner
  10. Forfeited Holding Fee - payable to owner
  11. Transfer fee to move account to a new PM: $0
  12. Termination fee prior to leasing a property: $0
  13. Fees collected on sums received after contract termination: $0
  14. Charge to ACH payments directly to owner account: $0.

* Negotiable

Property Management Technology

We leverage RentecDirect's platform to provide you with complete visibility into your property status. RentecDirect has an owner mobile app for iPhone and Android along with a tenant app for iPhone and Android.

Change Real Estate - Las Vegas Property Management