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Change Real Esate - Las Vegas

Change Real Estate in Las Vegas is a franchise of Change Real Estate based in the United States. Michael Blonsky and Yuwathida Blonsky setup Change Real Estate in Las Vegas after moving to Las Vegas from San Francisco in 2015. Michael is an experienced technology professional who worked for a number of Bay Area startup companies along with some of the largest tech and technology consulting firms in the world. Michael initially jumped into real estate to help build tools and technology for the space but became so busy with being the broker for Change Real Estate and closing 200+ transactions over the first 6 years in business in Las Vegas that it wasn't until 2021 that he began working on some of those technology projects.

Michael and Thida have built a small team of real estate professionals in Las Vegas and are super excited about expanding Change Real Estate internationally to Thida's birthplace of Thailand!

Change Real Estate - Las Vegas